Citrus Carafe & Press ( 7626-519)

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The Citrus Carafe & Press is a healthy option for flavored beverages. Now you can squeeze fresh lemon, lime, or orange directly into a serving carafe to make a healthy and refreshing drink. How does it work? Simply place the fruit inside the bowl and, using the green lid, press the fruit juices into the serving carafe. It has a built-in filter to keep ice, mint leaves, or any herbs you add inside the carafe and not in your glass. It’s unbreakable too, so no more worrying about broken glass. On a hot day, bring it outside or take it along on your next picnic. Dishwasher safe. BPA-free
  • Squeeze fresh citrus fruits directly into serving carafe
  • Unbreakable carafe
  • Press can be used separately
  • Screw closure between bowl and carafe
  • Bowl works as a filter

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