A Woman's Guide to Diabetes (ePub) ( 4922-21)

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“[A Woman’s Guide to Diabetes] offers a look into…living with diabetes and reinforces the strong bonds of sisterhood that exist for all women who face the challenge of juggling the demands of managing diabetes.”
—Anne Peters, MD, Director, USC Clinical Diabetes Program

“…[A]n inspirational experience! I hope it reaches not only the patients and families for whom it is intended, but also their caregivers.”
—Susan Braithwaite, MD

“…[A] much-needed tool in my self-care arsenal. It address so many questions that some women may feel uneasy bringing up with their health care team, making it a terrific resource and a source of empowerment for women with diabetes and their loved ones.”
—Kerri Sparling, author of Balancing Diabetes

In A Woman's Guide to Diabetes, Natalie Strand and Brandy Barnes bring an important message to women with diabetes...You Are Not Alone. They give powerful examples of how to not just survive with diabetes, but to thrive with diabetes.

By sharing their own experiences, the authors deliver tips on how to manage important aspects of life with diabetes, from mental and physical wellness, to pregnancy and sexual health, to travel and careers. Through their inspirational stores and messages, the authors teach reasons to celebrate life, not in spite of diabetes, but in light of diabetes.

©2015, Natalie Strand and Brandy Barnes

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