What To Expect When You Have Diabetes ( 5044-01)

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Managing a chronic disease like diabetes can be overwhelming—especially if you’re among the 1.7 million Americans who are newly diagnosed each year. Here is easy-to-read, steady advice in this newly updated book, written by the experts, so you can live well with diabetes, not just manage it. What to Expect When You Have Diabetes is a reliable companion for when you’re swamped with questions but also have more information than you can absorb.
The information in this book is geared especially toward people with type 2 diabetes, primarily because 90–95 percent of those with diabetes have type 2. Type 1 is more rare, but most of the treatment and lifestyle suggestions given here are helpful for both.
A Q&A format, organized by topic for quick reference, provides authoritative but understandable answers to a range of questions, such as:
• Is diabetes a dangerous disease?
• Should I tell my supervisor and coworkers that I have diabetes?
• Will the medication I’m taking for depression affect my blood sugar?
This book is a perfect companion to a health-care team and is sure to become a trusted reference as you live with diabetes.

5.6 x 8.6, softcover, 224 pages, copyright 2016

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