Designed for One! ( 6317-01)

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Many cookbooks focus on serving four people or more, but what if you want a delicious meal just for yourself? Designed for One! lets you treat yourself to single servings of flavorful meals without a shopping cart full of ingredients or tons of leftovers.

Plus, the "two-for-one" chapter gets extra mileage from a meal by using the leftovers from one recipe as a base for a brand new dinner! You can also pair the dinner recipes with delicious desserts and sides.

Designed for One! has helpful advice for shopping and storing ingredients, and some recipes come with tips to make these simple recipes even easier. You don't always have to cook for a crowd. Enjoy a flavorful and diabetes-friendly dinner that's designed just for you.

Softcover, 160 pages plus 16 full-page 4/C photos, ©2017 American Diabetes Association

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