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Custom Publications

Want to Powerfully Connect with Your Market?

Try Proven, Cost-Effective Custom Publications from the American Diabetes Association

From prevention, education, and treatment of diabetes – to healthy eating and lifestyle management for all those affected by diabetes – you can make a lasting impression clients and consumers will appreciate.

The American Diabetes Association creates customized publications that help you directly reach health professionals and consumers through our Educational Recognition Program, which accredits diabetes education programs in a variety of settings.

We can help you connect with some 10,000 professional staff at nearly 3,400 sites and your publication can reach some 450,000 people with diabetes at these sites annually.

No other nonprofit diabetes organization can help you reach this market as effectively!

We can customize our books to meet your branding specifications, guidelines, and standards for a look and feel that is uniquely yours.

Ready to Start?

Working with the American Diabetes Association is easy. We’ll help determine the scope of your project, suggest resources that support your objectives, and manage the project from inception to delivery.

To learn more about our Custom Publishing Program, call Abe Ogden, Publishing Director at 703-549-1500 Ext 2038 or at or Jewelyn Morris, Custom Publishing Manager at 703 299-2085