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The Scramble Scores Again!
I am a long-time fan of the Six O'Clock Scramble... I've used Aviva Goldfarb's menu service for many years and both her weekly system and the recipes themselves are always top notch. First, the system... she plans your weekly menus for you, including side dishes for each meal, and provides the shopping list broken down by the areas in the store where you will find things (i.e produce, refrigerated items, etc.). The menus are arranged seasonally to take advantage of fresh produce available in warm months and give you more comfort food to enjoy in colder months. The system works really well for me. It's basically point and shoot... I take the shopping list, buy the groceries, make the food... that whole logistical/decision-making side is streamlined. So easy! Then, the recipes... I love Aviva’s recipes. There is a nice variety of nutritious, simple, tasty meals every week. If you are a meat and potatoes family, this will not work for you. But it's exactly how I like to eat... many vegetarian options, frequent chicken and fish recipes, occasional red meat. It works very well for me and my family's preferences. In addition, she provides the side dishes and tells you when to make them while you're cooking the main dish so everything is done at the same time. Her recipes are pretty foolproof, and that's saying something for me. I have made hundreds, maybe thousands(!) of Aviva’s recipes over the 12+ years I have subscribed to her service, and they are, nearly without fail, delicious! Examples from this cookbook... I made the Week 1 Winter recipes this past week. • Baked chicken with maple butter glaze – not everyone in my family likes chicken on the bone so I hesitated a little, but this recipe worked out really well. The chicken is so juicy and flavorful and this dish is extremely easy to make! • Succulent salmon with caramelized onions – I so appreciate how Aviva has managed to bring delicious fish dishes regularly into my family's diet… this recipe is another excellent salmon dish, so healthful. The side dish for this recipe, farro, is another new addition for us… sort of like couscous, we’ve come to really enjoy exploring new foods with these recipes. • Pesto vegetable soup with tofu – Delish comfort food and you can use chicken instead of tofu, but it’s really good with the tofu. And garlic toast! How can you go wrong with that! • Spicy slow-cooked Indian Dal – I made this in the crockpot last Sunday and the house smelled so good all day. This delicious lentil stew was a hit with my kids and I continued to enjoy leftovers for lunch during the work week. • Vegetarian enchiladas verdes – another winner with my kids. The cremini mushrooms in this dish taste like meat… so flavorful. I love that Aviva can get my kids to eat veggies regularly… these enchiladas are filled with spinach, but so delicious that no one said a thing while they were stuffing them down! This was a typical week of Scramble cooking… the planning done for me, the shopping streamlined, the recipes easy and nutritious, and happy tummies for my family. I have two kids… one picky and one adventurous. I can usually pull out ingredients (plain chicken, etc.) to make the picky one happy, but he tries everything and I figure some day he’ll develop a wider palate. I can honestly say that Aviva taught me to cook... her recipes have made it possible for me to feed my family healthy meals day in and day out for over a decade. They save me time and money... my shopping is streamlined, I rarely go to the store more than once a week, and we usually eat at home because I have something to cook... no need to go out to restaurants at the last minute. I also have leftovers to take to work for lunch nearly every day. This cookbook is a great addition to the Scramble repertoire. If you want a variety of tasty and nutritious recipes and an easy system for getting them on your table, you will not be disappointed!