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Healthy, Delicious Meals perfect for your family!
I have used Aviva's Six O'Clock Scramble recipes for years. As a full-time working mom, it is so nice to be able to head to the grocery store ONCE a week, buy everything I need for a week of meals and know ahead of time what I'm making each day. Some weekends I make 2-3 meals just to get us through a particularly crazy week. Her recipes always include sides and assist with the timing (I.e. Her recipes tell you if you need to start the side before the main dish, etc.). I started using her recipes when my girls were 3 and 7. They have always loved all the meals which is such a relief (after spending time in the kitchen, who wants to hear "I don't like this!"). My husband also raves over the recipes. I was able to test drive a few recipes from this cookbook. I was so happy to see I could still take a list of groceries to the store to make meals for the week (a life saver for me). I made the orecchiette with broccoli, the garlic baked potato soup, the tilapia with lemon and capers, the baked burritos and chicken fingers. As usual, all meals were met with rave reviews from my family and gobbled right up. The ingredients chosen are always healthy options, and as I mentioned before the included sides relieve the burden of finding something to go with your dinner! The orecchiette was a very quick meal to prepare, and probably received the most fanfare from my family. The tilapia was also incredibly simple to make, and my ten year old had seconds commenting that she loved capers and the citrus flavor. I used the crockpot option (another fantastic feature of Aviva's recipes) to make the baked potato soup. It was a little bland until we added the bacon, cheese and sour cream toppings. Again, the kids loved the recipe and had no problem finishing dinner. We had leftover burrito filling (another kid favorite as they cheered when they saw me making them) which I used on tortilla chips the next day for lunch. If you are looking for quick, healthy recipes that your family will enjoy, I highly recommend this cookbook. If you would benefit from planning a week of meals and making only one grocery run a week, you NEED this cookbook!!