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This book has countless yummy recipes! I liked the fact that the grocery lists are coded so if you choose not to make a particular dish its easy to take off of your grocery list. I started with winter, week 1 and the maple chicken was delicious! Both soups that week were also fantastic and extremely easy to prepare (which is my favorite part). The only recipe my family didn't care for was the succulent salmon. Overall though, it was a week of delicious and healthy meals. I really love that each dinner recipe also comes with a quick side dish recipe! I found that I needed to add some extra seasoning here and there but my family is also not diabetic and my husband is from the Carribean, so we love our spices! This book is highly recommended for diabetics, or people like me just looking for an easier way to prepare fresh and quick dinners to enjoy. It also seemed to follow the priciples of a Mediterranean diet which is proven to be healthiest for us. :) This book will not disappoint you!