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Broad appeal
I found the breadth of offerings in the listings quite surprising, showing a great deal of thought and awareness of differing tastes and food allergies/sensitivities. I also appreciate the Altering the Menu section, which helps when you have to adjust your calorie intake from their base. For each meal, they give calories, carbs and exchanges so offers the widest perspective of counting withing ADA definitions. Weight Watchers Points you will have to figure yourself. I liked that it included information on eating Fast Food, if you are so inclined that direction. It also includes some frozen lunch offerings as part of the meals. It recognizes that not everyone is a gourmet cook. I also like that it is not arranged as "Day 1", "Day 2", etc. All breakfast or lunch or dinner meals are listed together, with recipes (or links to recipes if they are given elsewhere). This is one advantage of an epub book. I recommend this format to anyone who is comfortable with ebooks. I downloaded this title with ease from the email. Rather than saving it to my hard drive, I chose to open it with Adobe Digital Editions, which saves it to my hard drive that way. While it is an epub book, its does not save as *.epub. Rather it saves as *.acsm. You can transfer it to your compatible e-book reader (not Kindle) from the Adobe Digital Editions application.