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Ease and Peace of Mind...
I recently had an elevation in my blood sugars for the first time. It is a scary thing when you don't know what or how much you should be eating. Or to what extent diabetes will effect your life. I immediately turned to The Unlitmate Diabetes Meal Planner as my guide. Knowing that there was a menu for every day of the year was such a comfort. With everything else I needed to learn about this disease, not having to worry if I was eating the correct food and portions gave me such peace of mind. I started feeling better from the first day. The food is delicious and the recipes are easy to prepare. There is such variety you don't get bored. By adding exercise to my lifestyle and sticking to my meal plans I am able to keep my sugars under control. I would highly recommend this book. The menus changing with the four seasons allows you to take advantage of fresh fruits and vegetables year round. Offering the meal plans in calorie counts 1500, 1800, 2000, 2200 makes them suitable for anyone. Thank you Jaynie Higgins and David Groetzinger for doing the hard work with care and compassion. Your book is sincerely appreciated!