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Theresa's book helped me save my life!
For full disclosure I went to school with Theresa from grade 3 to 8th grade in Monterey, CA.. I was really lucky to find her again after all these years, right as I turned 50 and my readings were coming up pre-diabetic. I was really angry about his because I eat fairly well and exercise. I am African/Caribbean and have a history of diabetes in my family. Theresa's book addresses all of the feelings one gets when getting the diagnosis: Anger, frustration, embarassment that this is somehow completely your fault...she was right on point with those emotions. However changing a few small things helped turn my numbers around and I now have a normal glucose level and am at a 5.6! I know it will take time to master all the skills I've learned from her book, but at least I know what I'm doing now and what I need to do to feel better. This is one disease we can manage with lifestyle change. Thank you Theresa for creating such an amazing resource for people suffering from and trying to repel this horrible disease.